Rotary Die Specialties, LLC (RDS) formed in 2014 to support the packaging industry with tool and die repair but after 2019 and the Covid epidemic; we’ve been forced to change our business model. After 10 years of sustained success, we’re branching off into the repair of textile equipment, specifically winding spindles. For the past year we have been supplying a major tire cord manufacturing company with repairs to their Saurer Allma (and competitors) CC2/CC3 spindle motors. We feel there is still a great need to supply these aging motors with repairs considering the high capital costs of new motors. It is more feasible for most companies to have the motors repaired than to totally scrap them out and buy new ones especially considering lead times and rising prices.

We have developed a simple 4 step process for helping companies recoup capital costs by repairing their motors with a reasonable turnaround time.

  1. Motors are shipped to our location, and we test the windings to verify results are in an acceptable range.
  2. Disassemble the motors down to individual parts to clean, inspect, and measure for damages and/or wear.
  3. Reassemble parts with all new bearings to ensure best possible rebuild.
  4. Verify the motors by testing under varying power and speed in a specially designed program.

Please contact us by phone or email to see if we can help supply your spindle motor repair needs.

Best Regards,

Dean Spencer